hey there. this is my blog or diary or some shit

2022-05-24 #

I had a really good sleep last night. i think it was because the long weekend was ridiculously exhausting for me, and i finally got some rest.

i kinda wanna learn forth so i can write a forth interpreter in C or something!

2022-05-10 #

blaahhh i'm so tired, but i enjoy writing here, so here it is! i'm not sure what to write today, but getting feelings out feels good. maybe i'm just thirsty. i notice when i drink more water, i'm in a better mood. maybe it's time to cut down on the coffee a bit? lol.

2022-04-25 #

lol i kind of hate how i used to write docs, and want to remove all of the infinitive verb sub sections of stuff. it makes things way less noisy and succinct. it works for structured authoring, but not like developer documentation, where the user isn't so much dependent on a visual interface, or assumed to not be as a technical

2022-04-22 #

i am fucking tireeeeeedddd today. didn't get a lot of sleep, and just can't seem to get my energy back. i did, however, get a lot of work done today a work, so that's nice, but i definitely need a good nap or sleep to recover from this. coffee isn't doing much lol.

i actually think i read somewhere that coffee doesn't so much wake you up or give you more energy, but moreso, it keeps you at your current state, stopping you from feeling more drained or tired than you already feel. no clue how true that is, but there's a fun thing to check out maybe? haha.

2022-03-31 #

i kind of got distracted from my c projects, but i'm going to make it a goal to be more active on garbage server <3

i'm not sure how, but maybe i can just post random stuff here that i'm thinking about, kind of like a diary, but probably with some tech blogs and stuff mixed in lol

i dont remember the date of this post lol #

i'm gonna try and make some fun things in C for this server :D

okay, so i have an idea for my C project: