signups for are done through a request for an account. in the request, you mention your preferred username, and your public SSH key.

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a Unix-like environment with SSH, such as:

generating your public and private ssh keys

public and private ssh keys allow you to log into through SSH. SSH will compare your private key on your computer to the public key on

without your public and private keys, you can't log into

to generate your public and private ssh keys

  1. open your Unix-like environment
  2. run ssh-keygen -b 4096 -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/
  3. press enter if you don't need a password for accessing your key
  4. press enter again to confirm

note: the command above generated two files:

note: don't share your private key with anyone. people can use your private and public keys to log into your account after you receive one, so it is important that you only share your public key when requesting an account

requesting an account

account requests work through email. you'll need to send an email with your public key and the username you want to

the public key could be sent as an attachment, and your username could be included in the body text of the email, with information about why you want to join

to send your public ssh key to

  1. run cat ~/.ssh/
  2. copy the output of text
  3. paste the copied text into a .txt file
  4. send an email with the username you want, and why you want to join, and your attached public key to

tip: if you are having trouble with anything, you can check out's SSH guide or's key generator