what is

a place to socialize

as a tilde server, the primary goal is to be a place to socialize and be with friends

an installation art project

many tildes run as virtual instances on cloud services; will not. it will be a physical computer existing in a physical space and will be a source of physical and digital art

a statement on reuse

e-waste is becoming more and more of a problem every day. will fight against the idea that a computer's life ends because of being outdated. a computer can have life breathed into it if we are creative about our solutions.

goals and parameters

reuse everything

every component of the machine should be used. our goal is to show that a computer may not be the latest and greatest, but can still exceed all expectations.

keep costs low

there are costs associated with keeping a computer open to the internet for many users, those cannot be avoided. the machine, however, should be as cheap as possible. the goal of this project is to rely on scavenging and donations to build our machine. if a part must be bought, it ideally should be under $15 USD.

the machine is a living device

as we get new parts, the machine will be upgraded. this means that as the community grows and changes, the machine also grows and changes. with all growth, there will be pains. nothing on should be considered permanent, and this impermanence should be considered part of the project's core values.